Fiumaretta di Ameglia, a town between two regions

fiumaretta di ameglia

Fiumaretta is a delightful hamlet of the municipality of Ameglia located on the mouth of the Magra river. The village of Fiumaretta is located exactly in a meeting area between Liguria and Tuscany (the center of Ameglia is more distant than the border with the Tuscany region): an area very rich from a historical and cultural point of view also known by the name of Lunigiana, the land of the Apuan Ligurians. In this regard, a few kilometers from Fiumaretta d’Ameglia you can visit the finds from the National Archaeological Museum of Luni. Alternatively, the Fiumaretta area and its surroundings offer many outdoor experiences and activities, from bathing to water sports both in the sea and in the river as well as the possibility of relaxation with every comfort or in close contact with nature (for example the suggestive free beach of Punta Corvo).

How to get to Fiumaretta

Fiumaretta d’Ameglia is a very easy town to reach, whether you come from Tuscany or Liguria. In particular, Fiumaretta is located on the left side of the mouth of the Magra river and is just a few kilometers from both the Sarzana and Carrara tollbooths. Being a predominantly tourist area, Fiumaretta is also suitably served to be reached by public transport.

Get to Fiumaretta by car

To reach Fiumaretta by car coming from the south, take the A12 / E80 motorway towards Genoa and exit at the Carrara tollbooth, then turn right towards Marina di Carrara – Ameglia. Once you reach the sea, turn right onto Viale Cristoforo Colombo and continue on the provincial road 432. At the roundabout with Viale 25 Aprile take the second exit towards Fiumaretta di Ameglia and then continue for 1 kilometer to reach your destination.

On the contrary, if you have to reach Fiumaretta coming from the north, you will have to take the A12 / E80 motorway towards Livorno / Genoa but exit at the Sarzana tollbooth. At the roundabout, first take the Strada Statale 1 Via Aurelia towards Carrara, then at the next roundabout take the first exit onto Strada Statale 21. Finally, at the roundabout with Viale Litoraneo take the first exit towards Fiumaretta and you will reach your destination after less than a kilometer.

Get to Fiumaretta by train

To get to Fiumaretta by train you will have to get off at Sarzana station and then take a taxi (the journey takes about 10 minutes). Otherwise, you can take the bus either from Sarzana Capolinea or from Piazza dei Martiri.

Get to Fiumaretta by plane

The closest airport to Fiumaretta Ameglia is located in Pisa. Once you arrive at Pisa’s Galileo Galilei airport, we suggest you to rent a car and follow the signs for Fiumaretta as described in the paragraph above (route coming from the south).

Short history of Fiumaretta di Ameglia

Fiumaretta rises in the area where the river and the sea meet. For this reason, it has proved to be a strategic point for maritime traffic since ancient times: here was, in fact, the port of the colony of Luni, which disappeared due to the gradual silting up of the entire area. The town of Fiumaretta as we know it today has a rather recent origin: the area of Fiumaretta was mainly swampy and was reclaimed from the mid-1800s by the Fabbricotti, a Carrarean family of entrepreneurs in the stone field. Following the rehabilitation works, the village of Fiumaretta was founded in 1855.

The beaches of Fiumaretta

The compact and fine sandy beaches of Fiumaretta are now well known not only by Ligurians and Tuscans but also by Emilians, Lombards and many foreigners. The safe beaches and shallow waters make it a perfect destination even for the little ones without forgetting that at the beach establishments of Fiumaretta it is possible to take advantage of all the services and comforts for a perfect and relaxing holiday. Finally, Fiumaretta d’Ameglia has been a “blue flag” of Liguria since 2009.

The dog beach

Ameglia and Fiumaretta have in fact joined the Borgo Dog project, an initiative created to help those with pets to better organize their holiday. In particular, Fiumaretta is equipped with a walking area and a pet-friendly beach so as to allow tourists to bring their four-legged friends on vacation. The Fiumaretta Ameglia dog beach is fenced and has a fountain with drinking water and a dog shower inside.

Where to sleep in Fiumaretta

In the hamlet of Fiumaretta there are no hotels. The hotels are located on the opposite bank of the river in the town of Bocca di Magra which, despite being close, is 5 km from Fiumaretta. What we suggest if you want to stay in Fiumaretta, is to choose an apartment for rent. Our rooms range from 50 to 95 square meters and can accommodate up to 8 people but their strong point is undoubtedly the location: our apartments in Fiumaretta d’Ameglia, in fact, are located right on the beach. What better way to enjoy a beach holiday than by staying a few meters from the beach, where you can enjoy the sea breeze until sunset?

How to have fun in Fiumaretta

In addition to relaxing on its long beaches, in Fiumaretta you can also have fun thanks to various activities. Water sports are undoubtedly the most fun activities to do in Fiumaretta d’Ameglia. First of all, the area of Fiumaretta and its natural conformation especially exposed to the winds: for which Fiumaretta is a popular destination for lovers of sailing, kitesurfing and windsurfing. Secondly, we recommend canoeing, both to explore the river and its tributaries and to visit the most beautiful hidden beaches in Liguria, namely Punta Bianca and Punta Corvo. Finally, how not to suggest snorkeling and underwater fishing among water sports: the beaches of Fiumaretta boast a very rich and particular ecosystem, perfect for wonderful excursions.

Rent a boat or rafts

In Fiumaretta Ameglia you can find various rental activities for boats and rafts of various engine sizes. An excursion by boat or raft is the best solution if you want to visit the wonderful beaches and inlets of the coast of La Spezia Riviera as well as the magnificent Cinque Terre.

Restaurants and nightlife

The advantage of staying in a place like Fiumaretta, a fishing village located on the sea, is to be able to enjoy the freshest and tastiest fish you could wish for. In fact, in Fiumaretta di Ameglia, there are several clubs and restaurants (even the beach resorts themselves often provide catering) where you can taste excellent fish specialties. For the after dinner, a few kilometers from Fiumaretta we have Sarzana and Marina di Carrara, very active places in terms of nightlife and very popular among young people.

Visit the sorroundings of Fiumaretta di Ameglia

Things to visit around Fiumaretta are numerous. If you want to stay on the sea, it is impossible not to visit the very famous Cinque Terre, which can also be easily reached by boat.

On the contrary, if you want to get away from the maritime area, a very interesting excursion turns out to be a visit to the marble quarries of Carrara: some local companies offer a tour of the quarries with the off-road vehicle, a breathtaking trip!

Let’s not forget that Fiumaretta is very close to pearls of Tuscan culture such as Florence, Pisa and Lucca, all reachable in a maximum of 1 or 2 hours by car.

The beach resorts of Fiumaretta

The sandy beaches of Fiumaretta are the perfect setting to disconnect from the hectic life and finally relax. In order to fully enjoy a holiday with all the comforts and services, we suggest you to spend the day at one of the Fiumaretta beach resorts. The various beach resorts in Fiumaretta offer parking, catering and the rental of beach umbrellas, sunbeds and cabins as well as equipment for outdoor activities such as sup, windsurfing, canoes, pedal boats and the like. The beach resorts of Fiumaretta d’Ameglia are used to welcoming their tourists with professionalism and hospitality to give them an unforgettable experience.


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